AirStream 1 First Stage Regulator

AirStream 1 First Stage Regulator


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Part Number:OM50125 Manufacturer: OMS CONNECTION:


This high performance regulator was designed to optimize hose routing. The development of specialized high pressure ports (HP) angled 45-degrees, keeps gauges closer to the diver’s hips. The 30-degree angled low pressure ports (LP) of the AirStream help to ensure optimal trim by guiding hoses to route directly over the diver’s shoulders.

As a diver moves underwater they quickly learn that streamlined gear is critical to diving efficiently and conserving gas. One of the main features of the high-performance Airstream Evoque is the streamlined hose routing of the first stage. The low-pressure ports are angled 30-degrees down and 23-degrees forward to allow hose routing directly over the shoulders keeping the configuration close to the diver’s body. Additionally, the high-pressure ports are angle down 45-degrees for minimal resistance and keeping the SPG as close to the divers’ side as possible. The high-performance Airstream Evoque delivers the industry’s finest work of breathing (WOB) of .8 joules per liter.


• Available DIN or Yoke
• 300 Bar service pressure
• High performance overbalanced diaphragm first stage
• Environmental protection
• First stage has 4 LP ports and 2 HP ports angled for hose routing
  - Angled 45 degree HP Ports (2)
  - 30 degree angle on the 4 low pressure (LP) assists with low profile hose routing
• Cold Water and Nitrox Ready(40% or less)
• Black PVD finish
• CE certified to EN250 European standards
• All OMS Regulator models use the same parts kits

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