Eagleye Hydrophobic Mask

Eagleye Hydrophobic Mask


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Part Number:SMA801BK Manufacturer: XS Scuba COLOR:

The Eagleye is the most popular frame in the Seadive line. It provides excellent peripheral and downward vision

Easy-adjust buckles are attached directly to the mask skirt for a better, more comfortable seal

Fog resistant coating

Plastic box with lid included

Exclusive benefits of SeaDive vision-enhancement lenses

For over seven years, SeaDive has developed and field-tested, anti-reflective (ARC) mask coatings on tempered glass. Standard tempered glass has at least a 4% rate of reflection which can distort underwater vision. SeaDive’s ARC coatings allow almost 100% transmission of light to the diver’s eyes. SeaDive has an exclusive application and laboratory fabrication process to create these unique mask coatings. 


Hydrophobic™ coatings use nano-technology to fill in the tiniest surface imperfections in the glass. This process leaves the glass surface so slick, even the smallest water vapor droplets are unable to attach. This provides two benefits:

Upon surfacing, droplets don’t form on the glass, allowing unobstructed vision

The inside is resistant to fog

The Hydrophobic™ coating provides the best fog resistant performance of all SeaDive masks.

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