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Scuba Diving Center in San Diego 

Discover San Diego's undersea wonders with Exos Dive, your trusted scuba dive center. Operating from La Jolla Shores and Laguna, we do more than just supply equipment – we open doors to some of Southern California's most enchanting dive sites. Dive with us and encounter the rich marine life and breathtaking underwater landscapes that make each dive a memorable adventure. Rely on Exos Dive for expert, friendly guidance on every scuba dive course, ensuring a safe and remarkable experience.

Uniting Scuba Diving Courses & Ocean Inspiration in San Diego

Exos Dive, a foremost scuba dive center in San Diego, welcomes all diving enthusiasts. Catering to beginners and experienced divers alike, our extensive scuba diving courses and modern gear are designed for safe and memorable experiences. Join our community of ocean lovers for incredible diving adventures in the waters of San Diego, including the renowned sites of La Jolla and Laguna. With Exos Dive, each dive is a unique exploration of the extraordinary.

Championing Sustainability in Scuba Diving & Marine Science in San Diego

Exos Dive, located in the vibrant heart of San Diego, redefines the scuba dive center experience with a deep commitment to ocean conservation. Our showroom and rental offerings include eco-friendly scuba gear, showcasing our dedication to sustainable practices and the preservation of marine beauty. More than just a dive shop, Exos Dive serves as a community hub where San Diego divers unite to create a positive impact in our local waters and the broader ocean environment. Be part of our mission; dive with us and contribute to protecting our oceans.

The Heartbeat of San Diego's Ocean Lover Community

Exos Dive stands out in the San Diego scuba diving scene as more than just a dive center; we're a lively hub for ocean lovers. Our center offers unique activities, such as seaweed pressing and scientific diving, alongside a welcoming community of diving enthusiasts. It's where my passion for scuba diving and marine exploration deepens with every interaction. At Exos Dive, each scuba dive course is an adventure and a journey toward greater appreciation and conservation of our oceans. Join us for an experience beyond diving, where your love for the underwater world grows with each dive.


We're excited to share some big news from Exos Dive in San Diego – we've joined forces with 1% for the Planet, marking a significant stride in our journey towards ocean conservation. This partnership is more than just a pledge; it reflects our deep-rooted belief in making a difference. Every time you purchase at Exos Dive, 1% of our annual sales will be donated to support environmental causes. With each dive gear you buy, you prepare for your next underwater adventure and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable ocean.

More Than Just Equipment - A Movement for the Oceans

Exos Dive, a prominent scuba diving center in San Diego, is excited to announce our partnership with 1% for the Planet, underlining our dedication to ocean conservation. When you choose Exos Dive for your scuba gear and diving adventures in San Diego, you're selecting more than just high-quality equipment; you're actively participating in a vital movement for ocean health. This collaboration isn't just about providing exceptional diving experiences – it's about making a meaningful contribution to safeguarding our oceans' future. Every dive with Exos Dive becomes a step towards conservation, reflecting our commitment to the sport and the environment.

Your Purchase, A Positive Impact

Make a meaningful impact with every purchase at Exos Dive in San Diego. Discover how choosing your scuba diving gear from us contributes to environmental conservation. Visit our San Diego location or reach out to info@exosdive.com for more information. Dive into a world where every dive with Exos Dive is not just an adventure but a step towards a healthier planet.

Be an integral part of Exos Dive’s impactful movement in San Diego. Embrace diving with a purpose, supporting a cause beyond the ocean's depths. Make your dives count for more with Exos Dive, where every underwater journey contributes to global conservation efforts.