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Our Passion 

We want to share the freedom, beauty, and wonder the ocean casts on those who dare to venture below the waves. Our owners wanted to reinvent how the diving industry has functioned thus far. They felt it was missing the reason we all continue to dive. The feeling we got when weightlessly floating among the fantastic and weird life underwater. We want to better serve as educators, mentors, and stewards of the ocean. The store was designed from the ground up to be a space of education, inspiration, and wonder to inspire the next generation of ocean explorers. 

Our Ocean 

No matter what form of water sport you might enjoy, one thing we all have in common is a passion for protecting our water world. This passion was the driving factor in protecting our water world at every step. We did this through hand-picking equipment in our showroom and rental department that is made of recycled materials, reduces plastic packaging, is made of sustainable materials, and is overall better for our environment.

Our Community

With the fast pace of life, we wanted to create a space to develop a community of like-minded ocean enthusiasts. Our team searched beyond traditional diving courses and found many activities for our community to participate in. Seaweed pressing, painting, marine science activities, scientific diving, photography classes with Nat Geo photographers, and more. We want everybody to have the opportunity to develop their current passions and discover new ones along the way.