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Scuba Diving in San Diego

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking kelp forests of La Jolla, home to the vibrant garibaldi and playful sea lions. Experience the thrill of exploring sunken treasures in Wreck Alley, where history and marine life merge in the deep blue. As night falls, join us for a unique underwater adventure, witnessing the ocean's nocturnal wonders in a new light.

Scuba Diving Eco Dive Center & Marine Science

Exos Dive is at the forefront of 'Advancing Sustainability in Scuba Diving & Marine Science.' As a proud PADI Eco Dive Center, we're deeply committed to environmentally friendly diving practices. This means when you dive with us, you're part of a global effort to protect and preserve our underwater world. Dive into the wonders of San Diego's underwater world while embracing eco-friendly practices that protect our oceans. Explore La Jolla's rich marine life and the historical allure of Wreck Alley with us. Join a community dedicated to conserving the beauty beneath the waves, where every dive is a step towards a healthier ocean.

The Hub of San Diego's Ocean Lovers

The heart of San Diego's scuba diving community! Our expert-guided tours take you into the spectacular underwater world of La Jolla and the historic Wreck Alley. Every dive is an adventure, perfect for beginners and experienced divers alike. We're committed to not just exploring but also conserving the marine environment. Join us and participate in our mission to celebrate and protect the ocean's wonders!

A Movement Beyond Equipment: Our Pledge for the Oceans

Join us in a powerful movement for ocean health. Our partnership with 1% for the Planet underscores Exos Dive's unwavering dedication to ocean conservation. Choosing us for your diving needs in San Diego means you're not just selecting top-quality equipment - you're actively participating in an essential movement for the well-being of our oceans. This initiative goes beyond providing exceptional diving experiences; it's a commitment to the future of our oceans. Dive and make each adventure a step toward conserving our precious marine environment.