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Join the Exos Scuba Dive Club to dive into the heart of San Diego's underwater community. Our club is a melting pot of scuba divers and ocean enthusiasts, mirroring our local area's diverse and vibrant spirit. By joining, you'll be part of a family that shares your passion for underwater exploration.

Exclusive Membership Perks

  • Rental Equipment Discount: Save 20% on all rental gear.
  • Continuing Education Discount: Get $50 off your next course.
  • Community Connection: Join our Facebook group for updates and interactions with fellow divers.
  • Exclusive Events: Attend our Annual Christmas Party and receive a Club T-shirt and Sticker.
  • Skill Enhancement: Benefit from a 1-hour Skills Tune-Up in the Pool.
  • Rewards on Purchases: Earn 5% as store credit on all in-store and online purchases.
  • Discounts on Gas Fills: Enjoy 0.02 cents off per cubic foot on air fills and nitrox.

Terms and Conditions: Points cannot be earned on the purchase or payment of travel, boat trips, service, air fills, nitrox, or any other gas fill and training. Points are eligible for redemption at the beginning of each year and expire within six months. Points cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash or gift cards. Points can be redeemed towards the purchase of equipment and other accessories. Limit one $50 off con-ed course per year. 

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Membership Fee: $85 per person. $35 per additional family member

Club Meeting Location: Exos Dive Shop, 1290 W San Marcos Blvd, Suite 102, San Marcos, Ca

Lecture Program Meet Time: 6:00 pm

Exos Dive Club Paperwork:

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