Exos Mission Statement



At Exos Dive, we're more than just a dive shop; we're a community of ocean enthusiasts and guardians. Nestled in the vibrant heart of San Diego, our mission is to offer an unrivaled diving experience that caters to seasoned divers and those just getting their fins wet. We pride ourselves on providing expert guidance, quality service, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes every dive unforgettable.


Our passion doesn't stop at diving. Our heart beats for the ocean, and through our Blue Wave Project, we're deeply committed to marine conservation and research. We strive to nurture a deeper connection between people and the sea, fostering a sense of responsibility and love for our underwater world. Choosing Exos Dive means joining a movement that celebrates and protects our planet's most precious resource.


But we're also about bringing people together, creating a space where divers can share their experiences and learn from one another. Every person who walks through our doors isn't just a customer but a potential ocean guardian. We're here to inspire, educate, and empower our community to participate actively in marine conservation.

In essence, Exos Dive isn't just about exploring the depths; it's about elevating our connection with the ocean and each other. We're on a mission to make every dive count - for our customers, community, and oceans.


 Every dive with us is a step towards a more informed and connected ocean community, where the thrill of discovery goes hand in hand with the responsibility of care and conservation.





Exos Value Statement


At Exos Dive, our values are as deep as the oceans we explore. We believe in more than just providing exceptional diving experiences; we're committed to fostering a community where passion for the sea and responsibility towards its preservation go hand in hand.


  1. Commitment to Excellence: Every dive allows us to showcase our dedication to exceptional service, safety, and expertise. We ensure that every aspect of your dive, from gear to guidance, is of the highest quality.


  1. Community and Connection: Our community is our strength. We cherish the bonds formed under the water and above it, creating a space where divers of all levels can learn, share, and grow together.



  1.  Environmental Stewardship: The ocean is our playground and our responsibility. Through the Blue Wave Project, we actively participate in marine conservation and research, educate our divers, and take concrete steps to protect marine life and habitats.


  1. Innovation and Education: We constantly seek improvement and innovation, staying abreast of the latest diving technology and techniques. Education is critical to advancing our diving skills and understanding the marine environment we are dedicated to protecting.



  1. Respect and Responsibility: Respect for the ocean, our customers, and each other is fundamental. We promote responsible diving practices, ensuring our interactions with the marine world are sustainable and respectful.


  1. Adventure with Purpose: Each dive is an adventure, an opportunity to explore and marvel at the underwater world. But it’s also a chance to contribute to its well-being, turning every dive into a meaningful journey.


At Exos Dive, we don't just dive into the ocean; we dive into a commitment to these values, making every underwater journey impactful and every surface interaction fulfilling. We're not just a dive shop; we're a community dedicated to the ocean's health and the joy of exploration.