• PADI Open Water Scuba Diver

PADI Open Water Scuba Diver

Your Journey with PADI Open Water Diver Certification

Your PADI Open Water Diver certification is more than just completing a course; it's your ticket to unforgettable underwater experiences and connections with the sea. Recognized globally, this certification opens up opportunities for renting scuba equipment, filling cylinders, and joining exciting dive excursions.

As a certified diver, you can explore depths of up to 18 meters (60 feet), discovering vibrant marine life and captivating seascapes. This certification ensures you're ready to dive safely and confidently in various conditions. 


Exos Dive: Your Choice for Scuba Diving Education

  • Focused Instructional Approach: With only four students per class, we ensure a highly personalized and secure learning environment, fostering more profound engagement with our expert instructors.
  • Top of Line rental Equipment: Our rental equipment is meticulously selected for its environmental sustainability, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly diving practices.
  • Expertise and Excellence in Instruction: Our instructors, rigorously selected and continuously trained by our Training Director, are dedicated to providing top-tier scuba education, ensuring skillful and passionate instruction.


Our Commitment to Your Scuba Diving Success

  • Comprehensive Skill Mastery: Our curriculum is designed for a thorough understanding of scuba diving, blending fundamental skills with advanced techniques, equipping you with unparalleled diving proficiency.
  • Confidence and Competence Underwater: Prioritizing your safety and self-assurance, our courses are structured to enable mastery of essential diving skills, ensuring a confident and enjoyable diving experience.
  • Awakening Underwater Curiosity: We believe scuba diving is an exploratory journey into a fascinating world. We aim to inspire a lifelong fascination with the ocean, encouraging continuous discovery and exploration.



Discover the Depths: Our PADI Scuba Diving Course

Venture into the vast ocean that covers 70% of our planet with our comprehensive PADI Scuba Diving Course. This program offers an opportunity to explore the unseen and a step towards contributing to ocean conservation and preservation. It provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills, making you a proficient, confident, and environmentally conscious diver.


Course Outcomes

  • Gain proficiency in scuba diving with hands-on, expert-led training.
  • Master the assembly and effective utilization of scuba equipment.
  • Develop skills in buoyancy management for efficient underwater navigation.
  • Learn to address common diving challenges with confidence.
  • Safely explore underwater realms up to depths of 60 feet (18 meters) or 40 feet (12 meters) for junior divers.


Course Prerequisites

  • Swimming proficiency and medical fitness for diving.
  • Minimum age of 12 years (special provisions for 10-11 year olds in private open water courses).


Begin Your Scuba Diving Adventure

Our streamlined process ensures a smooth start to your underwater journey:

  1. Enrollment: Sign up, complete preliminary paperwork, and begin diving into scuba diving.
  2. Equipment Fitting: Get equipped with high-quality scuba gear tailored for your comfort and safety.
  3. Preparation: Engage in preparatory activities to set the stage for your in-water training.


Course Breakdown

  • Classroom Session: Dive into the essentials of scuba diving with interactive sessions, quizzes, and an introduction to diving gear.
  • Pool Training: Over two days, immerse yourself in 4 to 5 hours of daily pool training, honing critical underwater skills.
  • Ocean Dives at La Jolla Shores: Experience four memorable ocean dives across two days, applying your skills in real-world conditions.


Included in the Course

  • Instructional Fee
  • Essential Learning Materials and Log Book
  • Comprehensive eLearning Access
  • Rental Equipment, including regulators, BCD, cylinders, and wetsuits
  • Pool Rental Fees


Not Included

  • Personal Gear (Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Gloves, Booties) – available with exclusive student discounts.
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