• Private PADI Open Water Referral

Private PADI Open Water Referral

Embark on a Scuba Certification Adventure in San Diego

Are you ready to become a certified scuba diver and unlock the extraordinary world beneath the waves? If the calm waters of California aren't your cup of tea, our San Diego Referral Course offers a unique solution. Begin with the classroom and pool sessions in the comfort of warm waters, then complete your open-water training. Millions have embarked on their diving journey through PADI's trusted educational system, and now it's your turn to explore the captivating underwater realms of San Diego.

Why Choose Exos Dive for Your Training?

We recognize you have various options for scuba certification, but at Exos Dive, we're dedicated to delivering an unparalleled learning experience.

  • Focused Instructional Approach: Limited to only 4 students per class, we ensure a highly personalized and secure learning environment, fostering deeper engagement with our expert instructors.
  • Top of Line rental Equipment: Our rental equipment is meticulously selected for its environmental sustainability, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly diving practices.
  • Expertise and Excellence in Instruction: Our instructors, rigorously selected and continuously trained by our Training Director, are dedicated to providing top-tier scuba education, ensuring skillful and passionate instruction.

Course Prerequisites

  • Age: Minimum of 10 years
  • Swimming Proficiency: Ability to swim 200 yards non-stop
  • Physical Health: Medically fit for diving

Course Structure

The PADI Open Water Diver Referral Course is thoughtfully divided into:

  1. Classroom Learning: Engage with fellow diving enthusiasts and your instructor, covering essential knowledge and equipment. A short quiz will test your understanding, preparing you for the practical sessions.
  2. Pool Training: Over two days, immerse yourself in 4 to 5 hours of pool training, perfecting your diving skills and gaining confidence under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

Post-Certification Opportunities

  • Continued Education: Advance your skills with courses like the Advanced Open Water Diver and Deep Diver under the guidance of our PADI instructors.
  • Specialty Courses: To refine your skills in specific areas, explore over 20 specialty diving options, including wreck diving, night diving, and digital imaging.
  • ReActivate® Program: If your diving activity is interrupted, quickly refresh your skills and knowledge with our PADI ReActivate® program.

Course Inclusions

  • Instructional Fee
  • Student Record Folder and Log Book
  • eLearning - Open Water
  • Full Set of Rental Equipment
  • Pool Rental

Not Included

  • Personal Gear: Purchase with a special student discount from our store.
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