• ReActivate Scuba Refresher

ReActivate Scuba Refresher

Reignite Your Scuba Passion with Our Refresher Course in San Diego

Has it been a while since your last dive? Our Scuba Refresher Program in San Diego is not just a course; it's a gateway to a world of adventure and exploration. It's the perfect way to regain confidence and improve your skills, preparing you for your next thrilling underwater adventure in the stunning local waters.

Refresh and Reconnect with Scuba Diving

At Exos Dive, we understand you have choices for scuba refreshments, but our commitment to quality and personal attention sets us apart.

Why Refresh with Exos Dive?

  • Focused Instructional Approach: Limited to only 4 students per class, we ensure a highly personalized and secure learning environment, fostering more profound engagement with our expert instructors.
  • Top of Line rental Equipment: Our rental equipment is meticulously selected for its environmental sustainability, demonstrating our commitment to eco-friendly diving practices.
  • Expertise and Excellence in Instruction: Our instructors, rigorously selected and continuously trained by our Training Director, are dedicated to providing top-tier scuba education, ensuring skillful and passionate instruction.


Join Our Scuba Refresher Program is more than a course; it's a commitment to safe, responsible, and environmentally conscious diving. Refresh with us and join a community dedicated to a sustainable underwater future.

Refresher Course Requirements

  • Valid scuba diving certification.
  • Adequate physical fitness.
  • Own or rent necessary diving equipment.
  • Provide a dive logbook or proof of previous experience.

The duration and specifics of the course may vary but typically include several hours of pool training, focusing on essential diving skills and safety procedures.

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