Gas Fill Information 

Here's some quick information about our fill station:

  • All gas that comes out of our system is oxygen clean, your cylinder does not need to be oxygen cleaned to get nitrox less than 40%. 
  • We have 32% and air banked for quick and hassle free fills
  • Only pay for what you need, just like getting gas for your car you only pay per cubic foot (cf) needed
  • Our team can fill up to 100% and common trimix blends on demand, let us know ahead of time if you need trimix so we can ensure we have enough gas to accomidate 
  • Please allow 30 minutes when we fill a cylinder to allow for it to cool down, while you wait you can enjoy our safety stop section and watch a selection of ocean documentaries and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea


  • Air 0.15¢/per (cf) 
  • 32% Nitrox 0.18¢/per (cf) 
  • 50% Oxygen 0.40¢/per (cf) 
  • 100% Oxygen $0.70/per(cf) 
  • Paintball Cylinders $9.00 per cylinder