90 Degree Adapter

90 Degree Adapter


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Part Number:AC910 Manufacturer: XS Scuba

Does your regulator second stage feel uncomfortable in your mouth when diving? Does it feel like it is trying to pull out of your mouth when you turn your head? If these are problems, you have experienced when diving than you may need a hose adapter that can eliminate this problem. XS Scuba's 90° Adapter makes your primary second stage regulator more comfortable while you dive. Adapter is installed between your second stage and the regulators low-pressure hose and allows you to route the hose under your right arm instead of over the shoulder. This adapter makes a more comfortable feeling and can eliminate the pulling effect of the regulator found with over the shoulder routing.

Adapter is made from corrosion resistant chrome plated brass for long life and low maintenance. Designed for low-pressure hoses using 200 psi (13.8 bars) or less, equipped with Viton O-rings and factory cleaned, so it's safe for use with enriched air Nitrox. This adapter can also be used for octopus regulators to greatly improve your alternate air source hose routing. Improve your comfort while diving with XS Scuba's 90° LP Hose Adapter.

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