Axiom Dive BCD

Axiom Dive BCD


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Super-streamlined, durable, and full-featured, the Axiom BCD combines comfort, fit, and performance for your dives. An ADV-style, wrap-around jacket with Aqualung's proprietary GripLock tank band and SureLock II integrated weight system. Plus, its Wrapture harness system distributes weight so well, you can walk upright while out of the water.

  • Wrapture Harness System
    Wrapture Harness System: patented swivel shoulder buckles and ultra-thin back plate provide unsurpassed comfort and prevent the BCD from riding up on the surface. Out of the water, the system allows you to stand up straight by keeping the cylinder close to your center of gravity and transferring the weight to your hips 
  • GripLock Tank Band
    GripLock tank band's finger-saver feature and macro presets create an easy and safe solution for securing and detaching your cylinder 
  • SureLock II Weight Release
    Safe, single-pull weight release with patented SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System 
  • Additional Dump Option
    Right shoulder pull 
  • Oral Inflator
    Easy-to-use pull-down oral inflator 
  • Bladder Retraction System
    Bladder retraction system pulls in the sides of the bladder during deflation to keep you streamlined and reduce drag 
  • Smooth, Flat Valves
    Proprietary flat valves further reduce drag 
  • Optional Instrument Configuration
    Some divers may find it useful to run their instruments behind the left pocket and out the scooped opening on the top front of the lobe 
  • Octo Storage
    Scooped octo pocket 
  • Gear Up!
    Multiple pockets, D-rings, and knife attachment points make stowing and accessing gear easy 
  • Rolled Neck Collar
    Comfortable rolled neck collar

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