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Part Number:EX2777 Manufacturer: Dive Rite

Low-Profile Balanced Relief Valve

Redesigned from the ground up for superior performance in a low profile package.

The Low-Profile Balanced Relief Valve was designed from the ground up to be one of the thinnest relief valves on the market. Its’ compact and streamlined shape makes it more comfortable, lighter weight and less prone to snagging on guidelines or environmental hazards.

The Low-Profile Balanced Relief Valve is a hands-free design with an external one-way mushroom valve so the relief valve can be dived even if it is not connected. The machined Delrin body is designed for easy installation and removal for cleaning. A coin slotted outer cap allows quick removal for inspection of the outer mushroom valve or to clear any debris.

An updated balancing valve design allows pressure equalization between the tubing and the inside of the drysuit, while greatly reducing the potential for leaks. 24-inches of kink-free Norprene tubing are included and a unique swiveling hose barb further adds comfort for the diver.

A relief valve is a critical accessory for any drysuit diver, especially on long dives. Without a relief valve, divers tend to intentionally dehydrate themselves to avoid the “urge” during an extended bottom time dive. Hydration has been shown to be a critical factor in avoiding decompression sickness. With our relief valves, proper hydration is no longer a concern.

Note: Installation requires a 1-5/8-inch (1.625-inch) or 41 mm punch and appropriate adhesive for your drysuit. Dive Rite recommends installation by a professional drysuit repair center.

Designed for tri-laminate style drysuits. Installation on crushed neoprene style suits is possible but requires an alternate gasket style. Contact Dive Rite or your drysuit repair center for details.

*It is very important to clean your relief valve after use to prevent urinary infections. Steramine is a popular sanitizer for cleaning relief valves and rebreather breathing loops.



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