Rental Equipment 

 We have over 18 sets of rental equipment and nearly 100 cylinders to supply all our divers year-round. 

  • Apeks Ocea Regulators (Each reg set removes 15kg of ocean plastic) 
  • Apeks Exotec BCD 
  • Aqualung i330r Wrist Computer 
  • Alum 80's, Steel 100's, and Alum 63's 
  • Aqualung Wetsuits 

Rental Rates 

  • Exos Dive Package includes (wetsuit, 30lbs of weight, weight bag, full regulator system, BCD, wrist computer, one alum 80 cylinder with air, and a gear bag) $60.00 
  • BCD (Apeks Exotec) $20.00 
  • Regulator Set (Apeks Ocea and i330R wrist computer) $25.00 
  • Weights (30lb included bag) $10.00 
  • 7mm Wetsuit $15.00
  • Single Alum 63 (with air) $15.00
  • Single Alum 80 (with air) $15.00 
  • Single Alum 80 (with 32% nitrox) $17.00 
  • Single Steel 100 (with air) $20.00 
  • Single Steel 100 (with 32% nitrox) $22.00

Note: Each additional day is 50% off the regular price per item. The customer is responsible for ensuring rental equipment is in working condition before and after use. We do not rent the following items (Mask, Booties, Gloves, Hoods, Fins, and Snorkels). If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our helpful staff.