Exos Dive Club Membership

Exos Dive Club Membership


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Welcome Home Divers

Membership in the Exos Dive Club is a great way to get or stay involved in the diving community, make new life long friends, and learn about our underwater world.  Our dive club features a diverse group of divers, and non-divers alike. We host multiple club dives a month, a lecture program every other month and other fun activities for the whole family to get involved. Membership to Exos Dive Club is open to all divers with a recognized certification such as (PADI, NAUI, SSI, GUE etc.), those looking to get certified or interested in learning more are always welcome to join us on our non-diving events.


What's Included in my membership? 

  • 20% off rental equipment 
  • $50 off Continuing Education Courses*
  • Facebook Group Page 
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Club T-shirt + Sticker 
  • 1 Hour Skills Tune Up In The Pool 
  • Club Meeting Every Other Month

*  limit one $50 off con-ed course per year

Membership Fee: $85 per person. $35 per aditional family member

Club Meeting Location: Exos Dive Shop

Lecture Program Meet Time: 6:00pm

Exos Dive Club Paperwork:

Dive Club Information 

Dive Club Application

Dive Club Rules

Dive Club Liability Form 


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