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Part Number:RG124118 Manufacturer: Apeks Color: DIN, WHT

About Apeks XL4+ DIN Regulator

The Apeks XL4+ is especially well-suited for the technical exploration diver who prefers cold water climates. Compact and lightweight It helps reduce jaw fatigue during long and cold dives. Designed with an innovative over-molded end cap in conjunction with the environmental diagram that helps prevent ice build-up. The XL4+ also makes an ideal stage regulator and is also an excellent high-performance option for the technical exploration diver who is serious about maximizing functionality and minimizing weight.

Break through, innovative over-molded first-stage endcapand environmental diaphragm helps prevent ice build-up that can cause first stage free flow in extreme circumstances. Also protects the first stage from impact damage. Large surface area heat exchanger diaphragm clamp helps increase the gas temperature inside thefirst stage, resulting in improved cold-water performance. Unique over-balanced diaphragm design - as the diver descends, the over-balancing feature allows the intermediate pressure gas in the hose to increase at a faster rate than ambient. This results in superior performance at depth. Compact machined first stage based on the expedition tested DS4 platform see SKU: APXXL4D). First stage has four 3/8" UNF threaded low-pressure and one 7/16" UNF high-pressure ports.

Compact and lightweightsecond stage improves comfort and helps reduce jaw fatigue on long duration dives. High performance pneumatically balanced lever operated poppet valve. Large, over molded self-flushing and controllable purge button. Ergonomic Venturi lever is easy to use and locate. Flexible nylon braided hose has better cold-water performance than a traditional rubber hose. Standard metallic hose connection for interchangeability. Comfo-bite mouthpiece has a unique bridge that fits across the upper palate and does not require bite pressure to stay in place. Re-useable mouthpiece clip makes it simple to change mouthpieces in the field. Durable and flexible rubber exhaust tee provides excellent bubble diversion. 2'nd stage can be configured for right or left-hand use. Regulator is Nitrox compatible to 40% O2 when new, out of the box and can be O2 cleaned to 100%. Comes with an owner's manual.

Apeks XL4+ DIN Regulator Features

  • Nitrox Ready to 40% O2 Out-of-the-Box, Can-be-O2 Cleaned to 100%
  • Compact, Lightweight Regulator
  • Suitable for Diving in All Environments
  • Great Cold-Water Rig
  • Design & Low Weight Help Reduce Jaw Fatigue-On Long Dives
  • Ideal Stage Regulator
  • Perfect for Technical Exploration Diver w/Large Amount of Equipment
  • High-Performance Option for Technical Divers Serious-About-Weight-Savings
  • First-Stage Regulator:
  • Machined 1'st-Stage Based-On-Expedition Tested APEKS DS4 Platform (see SKU: APXXL4D)
  • Innovative Over-Molded First-Stage Endcap
  • Environmental Diaphragm Helps Prevent Ice Build-Up
  • Endcap: Protects First Stage from Impact Damage
  • Large Surface Area Heat Exchanger Diaphragm Clamp:
    Helps Increase Gas Temperature Inside 1'st-Stage
    Improved Cold-Water Performance
  • Unique Over-Balanced Diaphragm Design:
    Allows Intermediate Pressure In-Hose to Increase at Faster Rate than Ambient
    Superior Performance at Depth
  • Four 3/8" UNF Threaded Low-Pressure (LP) Ports
  • One 7/16" UNF High-Pressure (HP) Port
  • Second-Stage Regulator:
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Reduce Jaw Fatigue On-Long Duration Dives
  • High Performance Pneumatically Balanced Lever Operated Poppet Valve
  • Large, Over Molded Self-Flushing & Controllable Purge Button
  • Ergonomic Venturi Lever, Easy to Use & Locate
  • Flexible Nylon Braided Hose, Better Cold-Water Performance
  • Standard Metallic Hose Connection for Interchangeability
  • Comfo-Bite Mouthpiece:
    Unique Bridge Fits Across Upper Palate
    Does-Not Require Bite Pressure to Stay-In-Place
  • Re-Useable Mouthpiece Clip: Simple to Change Mouthpieces In-the-Field
  • Durable & Flexible Rubber Exhaust Tee Provides Excellent Bubble Diversion
  • Configured for Right or Left-Hand Use
  • Owner's Manual

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