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Part Number:RG5250-LEFT Manufacturer: Dive Rite CONNECTION:

XT2 Second Stage Regulator

Pneumatically-balanced design allows for consistent gas pressure for easy inhalation
Venturi assist directs airflow from the valve directly to the mouthpiece, resulting in smooth inhalation
Easy grip dive/pre-dive switch avoids free flow at surface and works well even with gloves
Adjustable design helps diver fine tune cracking pressure so breathing resistance matches diver personal preference
Deflection ring works to maximize performance while deterring free flow
Orthodontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue on long dives
Note: Faceplate/Purge Cover updated December 2020.

Using oxygen compatible materials and assembly processes that are within current industry standards, the XT is suitable for oxygen enriched gas mixtures.*

*The XT2 is suitable for oxygen use only if precautions are taken. Diver must use oxygen compatible materials, keep the regulator clean from contaminants during assembly and use, and open the tank valve slowly.

Pneumatically-balanced design
Can be oriented for left or right hose routing
All internal moving parts are Teflon coated for cold-water use
O-Rings: Oxygen compatible O-rings and lubricant
Internal Second Stage Valve: Balanced downstream
Second Stage Adjustment Knob: Fine tunes inhalation effort
Available as a standard right-hand regulator (RG 5250-RIGHT), left-hand regulator (RG 5250-LEFT), right-hand regulator with a yellow accent ring (RG 5250-YELLOW) or right-hand regulator with a green accent ring (RG 5250-GREEN)

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