Evoque 2nd Stage Only

Evoque 2nd Stage Only


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Part Number:OM50013 Manufacturer: OMS Color: BLACK


Some of the unique features of the Evoque second stage are the exhaust deflector with a door that opens to give access to the flapper valve. The exhaust deflector is also designed to work in conjunction the OMS Tattoo Mask, allowing the exhaled bubbles to route up behind the sides of the mask. The Predive / Dive switch keeps the Evoque from free flowing when the diver doesn’t have the regulator in his mouth. The adjustment knob that allows the diver to change the breathing resistance has a clutch that prevents over tightening when increasing resistance. 

This regulator system comes standalone Evoque second stage only!


• Balanced
• Lightweight
• Dive / Pre-dive switch
• Diver Adjustable inhalation control
• Exhaust tee designed to route bubbles close to the diver for enhanced visibility
• Exhaust tee has a hatch to quickly access the exhaust valve for maintenance without disassembling the entire second stage
• Easy inhalation and exhalation coefficients

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